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Shopping has recently become a bit of a burden. But a nice burden, a pleasant one. The hard part is caused by the fact that the Internet offers so much to choose from that you get to a point of frustration. My current search is for that classy, simple, cobalt blue dress. Christmas is coming and the question of what to wear to the office Christmas party is lingering on my mind. But I don't tend to buy an outfit for one particular occasion. I am always on the lookout for that something special that will look fabulous in years to come. Something that is usually described as classy elegance. So the upcoming office Christmas party is just a feeble excuse. A really good dress will serve on more than one occasion. In search for that desired royal blue dress I set a few requirements: it must be simple yet elegant, it must be easy to dress up or down, must be long sleeved and ' very important ' must be made of a good quality fabric. Ideally, it should be suitable to wear to work. Versatile is another suitable description. Personally, I believe that a good quality fabric is 70% of the incentive to buy the product. And there is something else I nearly forgot to mention: I always give preference to fabric with a bit of a stretch. Being curvy, I find selecting the right outfit depends to a large extent on what it is made of. Unfortunately, these days, to find a fashion item made of high quality fabric is not an easy task, with the bulk of what is on sale being made from cheap, flimsy fabrics. Do you think it is that easy to find a dress satisfying the above criteria? Not at all! I love shopping online, and usually find what I want quite quickly and easily, but this time I was getting more and more disappointed with what I found on offer. First of all ' and I have to admit, most disappointingly ' my search for that cobalt blue dress revealed that the substantial majority of dresses in that colour were evening dresses or cocktail ones, or party dresses. All made from shiny fabrics with sequins and sparks, short-sleeved or strapless. The exact opposite to what I have been looking for. Only one caught my eye in this category of party dresses: the Flare Back Cocktail Dress by Katie Ermilio with a gorgeous pleated back detail that gives the dress the character and individuality. And it is royal blue. But I have to stick to the guidelines I set above so the search continued. The other extreme consists of dresses made in a strictly career style. A couple of such dresses were absolutely stunning though, especially those by Michael Kors. Those are colour block knit dresses with the emphasis on royal blue with combination of white and black. Beautiful like everything else by Gucci Outlet , but I had to move on with my search as none of these stunners was what I was looking for. Eventually, my search narrowed down to two pieces. One very lovely item that met all the requirements was a simple cobalt blue dress by Savoir Redefined at ??29.00. Described as Savoir Confident Curves Control Dress, it has a secret control panel pulling in at the waist that provides a flattering fit. It is simple, elegant and versatile. It has long sleeves and a figure hugging silhouette. My only reservation was that I am not keen on the idea of emphasizing my rear in a figure hugging dress. I eventually found THAT cobalt blue dress. An old friend, eBay, has come to the rescue, and I set my eyes on a vintage style flared dress with cross-over neckline and long sleeves, made from stretchy fabric. It is suitable for any occasion and for any body shape. And, for those who are not fond of royal blue, the dress comes in a variety of colours, with a choice of sleeve length.
My next quest is to complete the look with a pair of glamorous shoes!